Beginners Club

2017 Beginners' Golf Club Options

Monday mornings at 9 am
Monday mornings at 10 am

We welcome all adults to our fourth annual Beginners' Golf Club for the 2017 season, starting on Monday, May 15. The Beginners' Club meets at the Links at Hampton Cove Golf Course for a one-hour lesson followed by nine holes of golf. The size of each group is limited to six people.

We are open to all adults who would like to learn, improve, attend monitored practice sessions and play so that they become more competent with the basic skills of golf. Going forward they will be able to really enjoy the sport for a lifetime.

The program is designed to provide a relaxed and non-stressful avenue into the game. The key to learning golf is to eliminate the stress of playing the game and enjoy the experience. Members of this group will learn the basics of golf along with the rules, etiquette and culture.

Registration for the group is $40.00 per person, to cover social and prize costs, and

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