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What is
BC Golf pages is an innovative online golf directory that delivers a low cost–high return advertising solution. BC Golf Pages provides you with the tools you need to start developing new income streams and enhance existing ones. You can post over 100 ads and listings in 12 different categories to promote every aspect of your facility. Furthermore, we provide a coupon generator to draw new and existing clients to your golf facility.

BC Golf Pages captures the full potential of Internet Marketing
Only with a collaborative marketing effort can the full potential of using the Internet as a low cost - highly effective marketing tool be realized. By pooling resources and marketing golf courses as a group rather than a stand-alone basis BC Golf Pages provides maximum leverage for each member’s advertising and marketing dollar.

BC Golf Pages sells memberships not advertising
One nominal membership fee provides each member with unlimited edits for over 100 ads or listings and 10 coupons on the web site for an entire year. Unlimited edits allow you to react, create and adapt marketing strategies as needed. It allows you to test market ideas to fill empty time slots or create new income sources.

BC Golf Pages provides an even playing field
All members are promoted equally. Every member is rotated on the main page randomly and the listings on BC Golf Pages can only be sorted alphabetically by name or by city. You cannot pay to have your listing placed higher on the page than others. Those with smaller marketing budgets cannot be out-muscled by those with larger marketing budgets.

BC Golf Pages delivers clearly targeted advertising
Each BC Golf Pages member agrees to provide exposure for all members by allowing BC Golf Pages to sponsor two golf holes (and driving range signage if applicable) with display signage stating sponsorship and enticements to visit the web site.

Easy to use automated content management system
No HTML or web programming knowledge is required. Adding or editing content on BC Golf Pages is as easy as writing an email, just fill in the text boxes and click the add / update button. You can place optional start and end dates on over 60% of the content you submit. The ad or listing will not appear on the web site until the start date you select and the ad will expire off the web site on the selected end date. This allows you to create and synchronize marketing campaigns in conjunction with other categories on the web site.

BC Golf Pages standardizes the information and delivery format
Frustration in not finding the information they know is out there is a top complaint among novice and experienced Internet users alike. BC Golf Pages makes the task of finding pertinent information effortless. The site is driven by On-Demand advertising where users stay on one page to find their information with a pop-up showcase window displaying additional information only when requested.

BC Golf Pages is easy to use and holds the viewer’s attention
The web site is designed for ease of use. Straightforward menus and category choices eliminate ambiguity so it is very user friendly to anyone, regardless of their computer experience and knowledge. BC Golf Pages contains strong visuals, interesting graphics and a clean crisp look to capture the viewer’s attention. The pictures that accompany ads on the site are randomly rotated from the member’s image gallery ensuring a fresh new look each time they are displayed.

How do I become a member?
Currently, memberships are only available to owner /operators of golf courses, driving ranges and golf practice facilities. To have BC Golf Pages contact you with complete information on membership fees and obligations...Contact Us Today.


Cedar Ridge Golf Course
Hi Ray. I just want to thank you for all your hard work you put into the website. As a driving range/golf course owner, we find your website and subsequent emails to your subscribers invaluable. We get a significant amount of traffic from your emails that you send out, from all over the lower mainland. We also love the video lessons that you are now offering.

Your website is very user friendly and the photos are great. This is a great way to get our name out there on the web - which seems to be the wave of the future. We have a small database of customers, but using we reach a whole new clientele that have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Cedar Ridge.

Thank you again for a quality website and we wholeheartedly support Sincerely, Greg and Sandra Currie Cedar Ridge Golf Course, Mission, BC
Golden Eagle Golf Club
BCGolfPages has helped to increase our slower times and promote our club. Golden Eagle Golf Club is well represented on the web page and we have had a tremendous response from the 2200 emails sent out monthly, promoting Golden Eagle Golf Club through specials and coupons. Many new players have come out to play our courses that would probably not have known about us or would not have made the trip.

It has been my pleasure to do business with Ray Nielsen. I find him to be very organized, professional, keeps me on my toes and put’s together a great program. Thanks Ray, I will be happy to do business with BCGolfPages next season!

Lorae Brickwood Director of Sales & Marketing Golden Eagle Golf Club, Pitt Meadows, BC
Bridal Falls Golf Club
Bridal Falls Golf Club would like to thank Ray Nielson and BCGolfPages for introducing our club to their program. They have provided great value to our marketing program, reaching a group of people that we otherwise would not have been able to reach. We saw many of the coupons returned to us with new faces most of the time as well as some new returning customers. I believe that BCGolfPages is a worthwhile medium to reach a potentially new market.
Mark Perry, FVGA Bridal Falls Golf Club, Rosedale, BC
Eaglequest Golf Centre Coquitlam
"Hi Ray I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you thank you for all of your hard work and that the partnership we have built has worked very well. has really helped to fill our slower times, and the golf groups you bring out have also been great revenue generators. is a great way to advertise, it's free and you know its hitting your target market every time."

Thanks again,
PETER MOORE | GENERAL MANAGER CPGA Executive Professional Eaglequest Golf Centre- Coquitlam
Cultus Lake Golf Club
BC Golf pages has been very helpful and committed to our facility this past year. By offering a promotion to its members they have given us extra exposure that is going to help increase repeat visits in the future.

We will continue to partner with BCGolfPages and recommend it to all facilities to help increase rounds and the popularity of the game. This is another avenue we all need to use to help grow the game and increase the number of rounds that are being played per year.

Jeff Bahnman
General Manager Cultus Lake Golf Club 604 858 9902
Tall Timber Golf Course
After a disappointing 2007 golf season and with declining rounds of golf, we at Tall Timber Golf Course Ltd. Made a commitment to increase the number of rounds played in ’08. With the help of, we have been able to fulfill our goal.

How? sends out monthly e-mails with specials and coupons to over 2200 potentially new customers. Traditional advertising in newspapers and other media outlets can be very expensive and may not even reach your target market. monthly e-mails put coupons into the hands of the people we are trying to attract to Tall Timbers, GOLFERS!

Thanks to, we have seen a tremendous increase in rounds of golf played at Tall Timbers this year. Many of these golfers have never been to our facility before. We look forward to working with for a number of years to come.
Brent Lindberg
General Manager Tall Timber Golf Course Ltd.
Royalwood Golf & R.V. Resort
BC Golf Pages is a newly developed marketing tool. With being overwhelmed by marketers who say they want your business, but require certain promotions, we greatly appreciated the fact that Ray allows the flexibility to be a bit more creative. We used his site to offer value added products to help us sell our green fee's, as well as to promote green fees during slower times.

This is a refreshing change from the traditional marketing tools that have been available in the past.

Thankyou Ray
Dan Ehrenholz
General manager, Royalwood Golf & R.V. Resort.
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